månadsarkiv: december 2013

Emit now supported!

Version 4.0 of the ROC is released! Now with support for Emit online units. Thank’s to Jouni, the Finnish representative for SportSoftware for giving me the challange and the equipment to make it possible!

Before the ROC ”only” has been in Sweden, Schweiz and South Africa… And what do they have in common? Same time zone… And Finland then? No, another Time Zone… Hence the ROC now supports Time Zones. 😉

If you want to use Emit, please choose the Emit punching system in web GUI for your unit. Because Emit doesn’t send control code more then every 4 minutes, there is a setting in web gui to set the control code if you don’t want to wait 0-4 minutes for the punches to arrive when starting the ROC. After that they arrive instantly of course.

Best regards

Emit, the first event

Last Saturday the ROC was used for the first time at an event with Emit equipment! Over 200 finnish runners punched the online finish control. At the side Jouni stood and checked the ROC and how the punches arrived in SportSoftwares OE2010. Success! 🙂

Now I’m only waiting for Jouni to do some more testing with Emit and his Sunjo-”samlingsboxar”. The Sunjo boxes has a special feature. They send the code of the control on byte 9 which Emit doesn’t. When the tests are done I’ll release version 4 of ROC, now with both SI and Emit support! Welcome all Emit users 🙂

Halmstad OK has some of the Sunjo boxes too. Works every time! We used them at O-Ringen 2012 and also on our other competitions when there is short distance to finish. If you want to read more: